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PD Howler Downloads - Toon Brushes, Batch #7

  Free toon-character brush images offered to users of Project Dogwaffle

PD Pro, Howler edition
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This is batch #7 of toon characters created by French artist and illustrator Michel Agullo, offered for free download to users of Project Dogwaffle. Learn more about the Art of Michel Agullo and his 3D Vinyl Stickers.

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Welcome to Michel's Toon Brushes, batch #7: 

images contained in batch 7

click the image to enlarge

8.55 MB (8,973,806 bytes)
This zip archive contains 30 images in Dogwaffle Media format. You can use them as brush image stamps.

Read here for details on how to install it.

We hope you enjoy using these brushes in creating your artwork.

If you need to decorate a room with beautiful vinyl stickers such as these and many more, please consider Michel's 3D Stickers

If you're interested in using some of these in a game, please contact us for licensing details. You may in some cases be able to use these royalty-free in apps and games. Contact Philip to find out.

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You will need PD Howler 9

or newer to use the animated brushes included in v9 or to build new ones, or to use new ones offered here for download on a regular basis.

Some of the brushes will also be offered in standard PNG image format with transparency mask.

You may not resell these in original form without the express consent from the author and copyright owner, Michel Agullo.

If you want to use some of these in apps or games, please contact us.


Michel Agullo?

Learn more about the author, his 3D Stickers

3D Stickers by Michel Agullo