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the Howler 9.2(c) update

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We hereby giveth ye this free present...

Do you have Howler 9.2 installed already?

If you already do, and only if you do have a complete legitimate installation, then you may download this update patch and enhance your current v9.2 installation with this one. That will convert it to v9.2c

This is not for Artist 9.2 or any other Artist editions.
This is not for v8.x or any prior versions of Howler.

This is only for update from 9.2 or 9.2b, and only of the Howler edition.

  Download the zip file here:

compressed file size:   4,37 Mb (4,583,811 bytes)

It contains four files:

what files are
                            included in the Howler 9.2c update patch?


Note that we wrote 'Instructions', and not Installation. That's because this is not an installer, and certainly not a full installer. It is just a Zip archive file containing 4 files, which you must copy into the folder where your current Howler 9.2 version lives.

Right-click the download files to save the target directly into your current Howler installation folder. Then extract its files from it. Or, save the archive elsewhere, and thereafter open the zip file and  copy or move (drag) them to their final destination, i.e. into the folder where your current Howler 9.2 installation is already located.

You don't remember where it is? By default, your Howler 9.2 installation should be found here:

    C:\Program Files(x86)\Howler

but that may be different on Windows XP or if you chose a different location when you installed it, or if you are on a 32-bit version of Windows, and possibly for other unnamed reasons.

Important! In case of Error.

After replacing the original files with these new ones, you may observe an error when first trying to run Howler again. This is most likely because the newly replaced file has to be registered, which was done for the old file
automatically during the execution of the full installer. Here, with this update batch, there is no installer. You therefore need to run it once as Administrator. Simply right-click the icon or file or menu-item from which you launch it and select Run as Administrator... if available. Or right-click the new dogwaffle.exe file and run it as Administrator. This should be needed only once.

More Troubleshooting:

You may have UAC (User Account Control) preventing this file replacement, or in some cases an antivirus with complete file lockdown. If so, you may need to temporarily(!) disable those.

It is also possible that you might still have a session of Howler running. You may then want to launch Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Tab) to see if any instance of Howler is still running, even perhaps as a zombie process, or surrogate COM process... It might be a good idea to reboot the system in that case. It will be faster than us trying to support your call for help and trying to explain how, and what, and why...

System Requirements:
This is meant for Windows 7 or 8.

It may also possibly work on Windows Vista too. (but not yet tested/confirmed. If you test it, will you let us and the Dogwaffle community know if it worked for you?)
This may also work on WIndows XP, but you should know that Microsoft has official ended support for Windows XP, and we are not guaranteeing much on XP either. If it works, great!@ If not, it's time to upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

You will need a relatively new computer processor chip. The old single-core chips probably won't do, because they likely don't support GDI+. That is a feature we started to use for displaying the interface graphics since version 9.2.  See what's new in 9.2 - the world's cutest T-rex.

What's New in Howler 9.2c?

Learn more about this update patch here.

Before 9.2c
there was 9.2b

What's New in
Howler 9.2(c)?

Learn more about this update patch here.

the world's cutest t-rex - Project Dogwaffle 9.2

Buy PD Howler 9!
and why not? it's so cheap...


You must have a legitimate and working installation of PD Howler 9.2
or 9.2b

Howler 9.2c is an update patch, not a full installer.

If you have Howler 9.0 or 9.1, we sent you the 9.2 update. Install v9.2 first.

If you didn't see it, contact us.