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Using 3D Designer to design terrain maps for use with other 3D Programs

Exporting the 3D Mesh - Wavefront(TM) OBJ Format

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The Music of Project Dogwaffle

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This is new with PD Howler 9.5.... Learn more about Howler 9.5
. Learn more about other recently added features here.

We have also added an Erosion feature. The sediment controls and coloring allows for additional realism, typically used in conjunction with erosion.

After you've created a terrain map, complete with sediments and erosions, you may want to export it as a 3D MEsh, in order to take it into another 3D program such as Carrara or Lightwave 3D, or even use it in 2D animation and imaging tools that also support OBJ files for import into their 3D layers, such as Adobe Photoshop, or Anime Studio. Many 3D and 2D multmedia tools support 3D imports from Wavefront OBJ format, so you can use the mesh there that you created in PD Howler's 3D Designer.

Read this Newsletter article: Learn more about exporting to Wavefront OBJ format from 3D Designer 9.5

storing various image maps, and
                    exporting the 3D mesh

(Terrain created from simple elevation map in PD Howler, with erosion and sediments added in 3D Designer, ready for export to OBJ)


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