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step 7 - Bluescreen Compositing
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Bluescreen Compositing


Now you have all pieces you need to quickly complete the compositing with bluescreen:

  • the front animation (scratch me), with blue progressive paint, in any format (DWA, Image seuqence or AVI)
  • the back animation (you win) as a BMP image sequence
With that, start by loading the front animation (the one containing the progressive blue paint)


Then, return to the Timeline editor, and scroll down to the group called 

    "Composite with Sequence"

Select 'Bluescreen sequence'.

There are several sliders for fine tuning the blue threshold to match. In most cases you can leave these at their default values.

Click the 'Select Sequence...' button:

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All you need to do at this tim is locate the first image file of the frame sequence. Click it and click Open.

You can scrub through the timeline of the Timeline editor, to see in realtime hat the effect is. Wherever the pixels in the current animation are blue, you'll see the corresponding pixels from the image sequence instead:

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Just click the 'Render' button and you're done.

Here's another example of the final result:

And here's another variant: the revealed message is sttaic. However, we applied color embossing to the foreground animation in order to make it look a little bit like the aluminum foil bits are accumulating along the edges of the scratched zone.

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