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Poser 5 now available for $72 - ask for discount coupon!
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Introduction  -  Resources 
new!  Painting
with PD Particles

Are you a starving artist or a student, retiree, hobbyist or simply on a tight budget ?

effects by Gertrudis Pro & Project Dogwaffle
Can't yet afford the latest, full, professional  suite, Photoshop CS ?

Tired of looking
for a Crackz and
spending sleepless nights ?

Do you think
I'm cute?
I'm also n-sided!
I'm a Manga cutie
New! Human Figure Modeling, Posing & Dressing
  with Quidam
export to Carrara and other tools for Game Design, Illustration and professional Animation

Ok, so you got a brand new digital camera for the holidays (or are about to get one or it's your birthday, and you have a camera in your cell phone, whatever...) , and you've already taken pictures gallore and want to know - what now?

You know everybody is talking about Photoshop, but you're not a professional, you're a hobbyist or a starving artist. You just can't afford the big brother yet, the mother of all image editors,  perhaps some day, just not now, and those other well known paint programs are just a bit too intimidating for you. Heck, if you try to paint, the canvas catches on fire!  'nuf said....
Don't despair, here it is:
Photoshop Elements
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5:
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5
Regular price: $49.95
padSale price: $29.95pad

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7
Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 on sale
Regular price: $129.95
padSale price: $79.95pad


That said, this is great, but it's not the icing on the digital cake. There's more to digital imaging than layering and filtering.. You can actually feel like an artist by doing what artists do: use very cool tools to take your pictures beyond the imaginable.

Have you tried these?  (see below for 2D/3D companions)

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Resources for Photoshop Elements Users
There are many online resources, forums and galleries where you can learn more on how to best use your digital software. Here are just a few:

Great Forums/E-zines...

Great Artists (many also 3D-oriented):

Great Companion tools, Plugins, add-ons for your digital creativity and art needs...

   >>> See the list below...

Or look here for more suggestions

Gertrudis Pro

Gertrudis Pro
from digital image to work of art... in seconds!

Got a Digital Camera?  take your digital photos and turn them into masterpieces, a work of Art! Give them the look of hand-painted, sketched....

Gertrudis Pro is an excellent companion to Photoshop, as a standalone edition. It is also available as a plugin for Project Dogwaffle!

> Gertrudis Pro: learn more

now available in a box

PD Pro Digital Painter
what are *you* looking at?!

Are you itching to go beyond picture editing & layering, beyond digital imaging? Project Dogwaffle is the re-incarnation of the soul and spirit of Picasso, Otto Staiger, Rembrandt and daVinci reborn into the digital age:  a paint and animation program for special FX enthusiasts by a special fx artist himself, a 3D animator from Hollywood:

powered by Project Dogwaffle

This is for people who like to Draw, Sketch, Animate and Paint,...
without the occasional spills, the funny fumes or the costly mess!

> Project Dogwaffle: learn more

Gertrudis and Dogwaffle in perfect Harmony


come on!...

add a little
3D spice
to your
digital life!

GI rendering and chess models from Carrara Studio 3 - only $50 for CS3!

...or look for Carrara 4 or 5, same as seen on Adobe's online store too. Hey, if they agree it's the right 3D tool for Photoshop users, what are you waiting for?
Poser 5 & Carrara 5
are you talking to me? I'm a Poser 5 guy
Poser 5 for $72 ?
yes you can!

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