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  PuppyRay for Dogwaffle:

Water Attenuation and Dispersion

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Update 1 in Summer of 2017

This update adds new rendering options in Puppy Ray GPU: the light from under the water plane is undergoing transformations depending on the depth of the water, i.e. depending on the distance between the bottom of the ocean (where the terrain's surface is located) and the water plane.

You can set the scattering amount and color of the dispersion. It can be used to add a murky discoloration. 

You can also set the amount of attenuation, which affects the R, G and B channel differently.


Below is a video showing just a few examples.

To learn more about the changes for PuppyRay in Update #1 of Summer 2017, click here.

Summer update1 for Howler 11 - murky waters

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