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    Overview - Tutorials&Resources - Eovia/Daz3D - Forum likes to use and recommend this great entry-level to mid-Level 3D Program for 3D Modeling, Texturing, Animation, Realistic Environments, Physics, character animation... do it all with the easy-to learn, easy-to use and easy-to-afford.

The terrain animation in this banner was created with Carrara:

Carrara Samples

What can you do with Carrara?
See samples by Markus Rothkranz of Astro Films and Atomic City Productions

Mountains & Terrains > alpine snowy
                        mountains rendered in Carrara 5

What else can you do with Carrara? Canyonflight

click here for a version modified with post work
in PD Pro (Quicktime movie with sound)

Making Terrains
procedural and image-based elevation maps
Playing with 3D models
Carrara includes a content CD with lots of models

Trees and Plants > here

Making Trees in Carrara for use with PD Pro Digital Painter:

Beyond Carrara Studio 3 .... Carrara 4, 5, 6...
not interested in staying with Carrara Studio 3? need more power, animation features, even more
rendering and modeling ? Need to use Poser animations within Carrara? Upgrade to Carrara 5!

sunrise - my first rendering with Carrara 4

Carrara 4 Terrain landscape

Carrara Tutorials

  • 3Dxtract - magazine with lots of tutorials and resources!

See what's possible:

Atomic City!
Space Astronaut
Sea Creature
Trees & Plants
more examples

See Eovia's website
and look for tutorials and sample users

also see

 cool spaceships:

 "spaceship 1"
modeled and rendered in
Carrara Studio 3



Other Resources: Forums, Newsletters,...