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Local Contrast

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let's howl


PD Music?

The Music of Project Dogwaffle

Ok, you've created the perfect 3D or painted visual. Need a  perfectly matching mood enhancer?

Just add music - royalty-free



This is new with PD Howler 9.5.... Learn more to (pre-)order

We're developing ambient occlusion for foliage brushes.
We're adding ambient occlusion and other shading and lighting enhancements in 3D Designer. 

We're adding Erosion effects, Shadows (raytraced) and Slope-controls Snow

There's a Cloud Modeler and Cloud rendering...

And we love this:

Local Contrast

Don't know what it is or how it works? Read Dan's blog:

Simulate High Dynamic Range Imaging with Local Contrast

Before and after using the contrast map:

before  after

The Contrast Map:

the contrast

Works great with bicycles - lots of big and small features!

before   after

Learn more about Howler 9.5 and how to pre-order



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