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Whats Cool?

...with Project Dogwaffle & PD Pro Digital Painter

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Some of the many Features found in PD Pro Digital Painter are shown here. A summary main feature list can be found here.

Foliage brushes

a rules-based system to take particle brushes where no particle brush has gone before

New in v8

Motion Prediction Mania

slow down, James, you're going too fast!

New in v7

included since PD Pro 4.1:

Waving in the Breeze

Take any custom image (such as that of tall grass, created in PD Pro's particle brush system) and transform it so it appears to be waving in the breezy wind

included since PD Pro 4.1:

Animated Lens Flares

Create very cool animations, new from scratch or on top of your existing video clips!


included since PD Pro 4.1:

Animated Swap Buffer

take your image or animation and... well,...animate it even more! displace it! wiggle it! combine it!...

I am a cutie
included since PD Pro 4.1:

the Woodcut Filter

take your digital camera's image and chisel it to the next level

included since PD Pro 4.1:

Animated Skies

easily create new & unique backgrounds for your presentations and video projects


included since PD Pro 4.1:

More parameters for Particle brushes

use Age Decrementing to reduce branch length and size as you paint with particle brushes (optipustics)


Motion Tracking

Using the Motion Tracker to change stuff in a video.
In this case adding a bright star over a faint one.

make music videos!

Making Music Video clips

- with Poser
- with stock video
- with MooNSTER
- looping anims

Using Forcefields with Particles
for still images and animated material - 
details here

From Still image to Animation: Post work
got a photo? a 3D rendering?  make it a moving experience! details here

The Radiant lens flare render engine -
 photographers hate it, CG artists love it!

Optipustics Particle Painting System
see what's new in 1.6?

Also: PD Particles (a product derived from a subset of PD Pro 4's particle system, without image-based large or animated particles but still awesome particle brush magig, bristle brushes and lots of natural media tools!)
animated particles


more Optipustics: Particle Brushes

A repository of particle presets for stills and animations

Doggybag #1
a new snow effect filter for the animation timeline editor

  details here

You can do a number of video related things, post work, such as de-interlace, re-interlace, retime. Then you can apply effects and filters to image sequences from the animations.

Other post-work special fx on animations > here

Tricks with Alpha Channel and the Selection masks

cast shadows, emboss by alpha, Alpha-Glow... click here